Traditional Insurance Plans

This format of employee benefit plans is by far the most common for small and medium sized enterprises. Core benefits include life insurance for employees and their dependents, disability insurance (short-term and/or long-term), extended health insurance and dental insurance. Other available benefits include critical illness insurance, employee assistance programs, 2nd opinion medical services, healthcare spending accounts, personal wellness accounts and cost-plus. These plans are provided by over a dozen different providers in Canada and we have access to all of them. Your rates are set at the beginning and subject to annual changes when your plan renews. A big part of our job is to review the annual renewal and negotiate the rates with your provider. Another major part of our service is to “market” your plan every three to four years at a minimum to ensure that you are getting the best value possible.

Why People Choose Us?

At IP Benefits, we value your business. We are ready and willing to help you with any questions or concerns that arise regarding your benefit plan. Our expertise can help you set-up a plan for the first time, review your existing plan to make sure that your rates are competitive, and help with all of the administrative tasks that go along with running a successful plan. Do you have employees with claim problems? We’ve seen almost everything and can usually get results in a very short period of time. No issue is too small and nothing is too big for us to help you resolve.


This format of employee benefit plans is by far the most common for small/medium sized enterprises. Core benefits include life, disability, extended health and dental insurance.

These plans have been popular with large organizations for decades but today they are much more accessible for smaller employers.

With these types of plans, we can marry the protection of insured traditional plans with the cost savings of self-insured plans. We have flexible plans available as well.

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